National Hammock Day Promotion


Requirements for Grand Trunk National Hammock Day Promotion Closed to new submissions. 7-10-13 1) Please have at least 5000 page views per month on your website. 2) Fill out the request form below so we can send you a Grand Trunk Double Hammock. It would be ideal if you could publish the review by July […]

My Twitter Account is Compromised

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You seem to be sending out a lot of direct messages (DM’s) from your twitter account that appear to be spam.  This is happening because your Twitter account is compromised.  Most likely you inadvertently gave access to your Twitter account to a spam-bot via a third party application.  In order to fix this properly you will need […]

SEO Guidelines For Product Reviews

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There are 7 main points to a properly optimized review.  They include the URL, heading, article length, keyword/phrase, original images and image titles. Published reviews should be as much for the benefit of the publisher as for the manufacturer.  These SEO Guidelines for Product Reviews are intended to benefit both. In order to accomplish the following optimization it is important that only […]