(EO)2 Press Release 7-15-13


(EO)2, Innovative Fastening Technology for the Outdoor Sport Market                 The (EO)2® Fastener and Mounting System will soon be launched with several products developed for the Outdoor Sport and Recreation Market. Sterling Heights, MI July 22, 2013 – After three years of product development, the newly patented technology […]

Zoho Projects : Bridging Communication between Business & You as the Client

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Zoho Projects is a helpful, web based project planning/management tool that helps business’ get their projects done faster.  Whether it is communicating due dates, priority and progress or sharing files, Zoho Projects has it covered.    Zoho projects also has the ability to log hours (both billable and non-billable) so the client can keep track […]

How to Create a Hidden Lead Source in Zoho Web-to-Lead Forms

Zoho Web to Lead forms allows you to capture information from potential leads directly from your website. However, once you have created your web to lead form and Zoho starts capturing your lead information, there is no way of telling where it came from.  Below are simple, easy to read instructions on how to create […]

The Benefits of Webmaster Tools

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There are many benefits to registering your website with webmaster tools.  Utilizing webmaster tools on your site will ensure that you are running a healthy website with the utmost efficiency. Basic Benefits: Access to search statistics on Google Latest data regarding incoming links and internal links Sends notification if your site has any crawl errors […]