Use our gear review coordination platform to get your target audiences reading genuine online reviews of your gear from an established and trusted source. We can help you boost consumer and retailer confidence, your web presence, SEO ranking, consumer engagement, and order quantity.


There is perhaps no other industry where product reviews are more imperative to inspiring consumers and retailers alike to have confidence in your product. Whether its a backpacking shelter that your life may depend on or a pair of exercise pants that need to be reliable, the outdoor/active lifestyle industry relies on product reviews to tell that story.


Here at Deep Creek PR, we realized long ago that consumers in the outdoor community deeply value genuine online conversations and reviews about the products they are interested in. The problem is finding the right reviewers and online publications. You need publishers who will provide timely reviews, SEO goodness, and most importantly, tons of exposure.


But finding those reviewers, getting product to them, and getting the review published can be serious ordeal. Not to mention that sending someone a your product and asking them to write a review puts you in a beholden situation. We have totally turned the process upside down.


We put you in the driver’s seat. Instead of soliciting or asking for reviewers to test a product, we present the opportunity to the 3100+ outdoor gear reviewers that we work with across the country. By understanding the product and having a deep relationship with our reviewers, we have the unique ability to get the best and most effective review possible.


This is also essentially a bonus press release.  We actually only present the name of product and a link to your site so publishers are pushed to you before they can request to be a reviewer. So were letting 2000+ publishers know that your company exists…for free.


Reviewers and publishers actually have to apply to be a part of our network which gives us insight into exactly the kind of exposure they could provide. We can provide the exact unique page views the site receives each month, the geographical makeup of the audience, the appropriate category of the site, and ultimately have an understanding of the target audience each and every reviewer would appeal to.