Crowdfunding is the future of making dreams come true. Its growing, and its growing VERY quickly. So with everyone jumping on the bandwagon, how do you get noticed and how do you get your dream funded? Our campaign discovery platform will make you stand out!

We will get your project NOTICED,  TALKED ABOUT  and  BACKED by providing the most effective and targeted exposure possible for our outdoor and active lifestyle clients.

How we do it:


Newsletters and Press releases from Deep Creek PR will associate your campaign with a trusted leaders and advocates of the outdoor and active lifestyle industry.

Social Media

We will deliver up to 300,000 direct Twitter messages to outdoor enthusiests  across as many as 20 active twitter accounts.

Our Social media Management team will work throughout the entirety of your campaign to set up a content schedule that provides consistent exposure to target audiences across all social platforms.

Content Marketing

The key to getting noticed by investors is to provide content that will not only catch their attention, but maintain it.

We  identify trends that will exponentially increase your exposure and get you talked about! We will partner with your team to gain intimate knowledge of your product and together we will devise content strategies that align your project’s initiatives with our trial tested techniques to get you noticed.

Video Creation/Editing

Like it or not, the face of your campaign will be the video associated with it so it better be quality. With the growing popularity of crowdfunding, we have noticed a growing number of professional quality videos being posted every week and it can be daunting to think about having to create and edit a video of that nature in the midst of everything else. We can take that off of your hands and create a video that rival the best of best. We partner our internal digital production team with third party editors to ensure that you blow your viewers away!