Passpack is a password storage site that allows businesses to keep track of their passwords and to share them with team members. Sharing passwords gives team members access to important business-related sites while keeping sensitive information secure.

Part One: Creating a Nickname

On Passpack, in order to begin sharing passwords, the user must first create a nickname.

Log-on to your Passpack account and click on the “People” tab towards the top of the screen.


If you’ve never shared a password before, under the “People” tab you’ll find the option to “Activate sharing now.” Click on the “Activate sharing now” link.


Once you’ve clicked on “Activate sharing now,” it’s time to create a nickname. The nickname cannot be changed once it has been created, so make sure you can remember it. Once you’ve created a nickname, click “OK.”

PP3Part Two: Inviting Users and Sharing Passwords


Once you’ve created a nickname, you’ll be prompted to log out and then log back into your Passpack account. After you’ve logged back in, click on the “People” tab. You will see the option to “Invite Someone.” Click on the “Invite Someone” button.


After you click on “Invite Someone,” you’ll be taken to this page:


You’ll need to know the nickname of the person you want to start sharing with. Type the nickname of the person you want to share passwords with in the “Nickname” box, type a short introduction in the “Briefly identify yourself” box and click “Invite.”


Until the person you’ve invited accepts your invitation, your “People” tab will look like this:



To Accept an Invitation, go to your “People” tab. You should have received a notification saying that a user has “sent you an invite.” Accept it by clicking on the “Accept” button that appears underneath the name and status of the invitee.




Once the other user has accepted your invitation, their nickname will appear under your “People” tab. Click “Start Sharing” to share passwords with the other user.



That’s It!


All shared passwords will appear under the “Passwords” tab. To invite additional users to share passwords with, just click on the “Invite Someone” button under your “People” tab and repeat the steps from Part Two.