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Product Reviews:

Product reviews are a key part of online marketing because they create valuable links and build consumer confidence.  We work with more than 1,500 trusted outdoor industry publishers, who dedicate their time to writing easy-to-read, trustworthy and internet optimized reviews of your products.


Social Media:

Social media is the most influential source point of consumer perception and is the ever-increasing driver for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After the honeymoon phase, we will take care of EVERYTHING on social media. This includes responding to and engaging with all direct or public inquiries. You can forward us any and all content you need scheduled to post. We create, brand and cultivate content on all social platforms. We are the final answer to your social media questions. We maintain a highly engaged and fun social presence.  We will deliver a social presence that you can leverage in sales calls to distributors and retailers and instill immediate confidence with your customers.



We are responsible for all website maintenance and development, backups, new posts, new pages, on site SEO, troubleshooting, and more — we are your first and last call for anything on your WordPress site. For WordPress Shopping Cart Management, see entry below.


Shopping Cart Management:

We manage standard WordPress shopping cart plugins. We are capable of managing one to 1,000 products. Our work comes standard with full management of product pages, images, promotional codes, shipping, taxes, and more — we are the total solution for your shopping cart management on WordPress sites.


Campaign Management:

This includes projects, tasks, benchmarking execution and completion. We set short, medium and long term goals and ensure that these goals are met in a timely manner.


Email / Database:

We control landing page creation, data acquisition and management, and email marketing campaigns.


Content Marketing:

We typically use your company’s branded blog to disseminate information about your products to the consumer. An effective content marketing campaign needs at least eight new pieces of content per month. Our in-house editorial staff and our professional contract writers turn your product information into branded content as well as publishing industry specific content to build consumer confidence and credibility. Professional content marketing is crucial for new media SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  We research, write, optimize and post a minimum of eight pieces of engaging content every month, which is then optimized for propagation through social media.


Online Advertising Management:

Adwords and similar, affiliate, social media and re-targeting.