Zoho Projects is a helpful, web based project planning/management tool that helps business’ get their projects done faster.  Whether it is communicating due dates, priority and progress or sharing files, Zoho Projects has it covered.   

Zoho projects also has the ability to log hours (both billable and non-billable) so the client can keep track of how much time has been spent on a project. With Zoho Projects’ cloud based collaboration system, you can say goodbye to cluttered email inboxes and keep all of your projects in one place while streamlining communication and organization.

 How to add and assign tasks in Zoho Projects:

After you have decided you want to have the ability to work with us on Zoho Projects, we will send you an email invitation to join the Deep Creek PR portal. After opening the email, simply click the “Join this portal” button. This will bring you to a welcome page on Zoho Projects where you will choose a login and password. 

Once you have logged on, you will see your dashboard.  It will be empty until you assign tasks.  To add a task, click the “Add Task” button on the top bar of your dashboard. The “Add Task” window will pop up, giving you options of customizing your task name, to drop files or add attachments (conveniently accepting all file types as well as  droping directly from Google Drive and Dropbox), and choose your task list name.

Zoho Projects

To assign the task to a specific person, click on the small “person” icon on the lower left hand corner of the “Add Task” window. Here you can click on the person you wish to assign the project to.

Directly to the right of that, you will see a small calendar icon.  By clicking here you can set a start date and end date for the project. To the right of that there is an icon with an exclamation point. Here you can assign the priority of the project at either none, high, medium or low. Once you have your task information customized to your liking, simply click the “Submit” button.  Zoho Projects will then automatically send the person you have assigned the project to and email notifying them of the new task. You, as the task owner, will receive email notification when anything is done with this task; if the task progress is updated, any comments/questions were posted, etc. 


Finding your way around Zoho Projects:

Zoho Projects has a few more notable services to point out. On the top bar of your dashboard (next to “Add Task”) you will see the “Post a Message” tab. Zoho allows you to post a message and start a forum for more discussion and collaboration regarding any project or task.

To see all of the information about a specific task, go to that task on your dashboard feeds and click the linked task title. A pop up window will appear showing you all the information you will need to know about the task; comments, documents, forums, recent activities, start date and due date, duration, priority and % completed. In this screen, you can also set a reminder.  Keep in mind that the person who the task is assigned to may also add and edit these fields on this screen.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 5.28.54 PM

To view your active tasks in an organized layout, click the icon on the left of your screen that says “Tasks & Milestones.”  Here you are able to filter your view by status, owner, priority, time, created by, and milestone. On this left hand side of the screen you can also see the icons labeled documents, forums and back to your dashboard.


Zoho Projects remains one of the most powerful tools in keeping your business organized when it comes to projects and tasks within or outside of your business. We encourage you to try assigning us a task in Zoho Projects and witness the simple and organized platform and it’s benefits for your business.